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A day in D.C.

The family spent the day with Jeff Ayers and his family touring the Air and Space Museum (oh man, the Hubble IMAX 3D film rocks!) and the Capitol Building in D.C. Warning to anyone planning to the take the Capitol tour: nothing is allowed inside the building. That apple you brought? Nope. Your empty sippy cups for the kids? Nope. And forget about wooden knitting needles. There are huge trash receptacles outside just filled with uneaten food that visitors have had to toss prior to entering. Perfectly innocuous items that are allowed in every other museum are verboten here. You’d figure someone could cut a deal with a soup kitchen or something. There was nothing wrong with half the food in those trash bins. And then there’s the tourists milling around outside while the rest of their parties are inside. One guy today wasn’t about to throw away the (sealed) perfume he had bought for his wife, so was stuck outside.

The Air and Space Museum was its usual fantastic self. We saw the new Hubble IMAX 3D movie, which was gorgeous and amazing. Forget Avatar. This was real. The stars that stretched out into infinity were not generated by special effects technicians. As we traveled through the images were truly were seeing back billions of years into nebulae and stellar nurseries. The crystal-clear images of astronauts practically sitting in your lap as the floated in orbit working to repair the Hubble were inspiring.



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