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And here's The Cinnamon Bear

The Cinnamon Bear is a radio show miniseries originally broadcast in 1937. Its 26 15-minute-long episodes were aired one each day (except Sundays) between November 26 and Saturday December 25. It tells the story of Judy and Jimmy, two youngsters who go to the fantasy world of Maybeland in order to reclaim the silver star for the top of their Christmas tree. They are assisted by Paddy O'Cinnamon, the titular Cinnamon Bear who comes complete with burlesque Irish accent. During their adventures, the kids battle the Wintergreen Witch, the CrazyQuilt dragon, and pirates, as well as meeting Santa. There are also plenty of songs. There are different versions of these recordings out there, but my favorite is the one from Radio Archives. These were mastered from the original transcription discs—the discs that the radio stations themselves put the needles to and broadcast. We listen to one episode each night starting on Thanksgiving and ending around Christmas. Everyone just sits back, closes their eyes, and returns to the thrilling days of yesteryear and the magic of old time radio: the theater of your mind. Because they are the complete broadcasts, each episode opens with a minute and a half of just music. This is where the DJs would do live ads. So I usually provide these, extemporaneously ("The Cinnamon Bear-- brought to you tonight by Horlicks. Yes, Horlicks, the malted milk tablets with extra zip. Ask your grocer for them by name . . .").



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