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ACE KILROY: These things take money

Kickstarter is a system wherein creative types seek backing for their projects. There is a funding goal and a deadline. If the goal is met by the deadline, then your credit card gets charged the amount you have pledged and the creative person gets the cash. Miss the goal and you pay nothing. And the creative type gets nothing. All or nothing. I hadn't heard of this until . . .

Comics maven Robert J. Kelly, proprietor of the blog Hey Kids, Comics! (a wonderful collection of comics essays and images that Kevin Dilmore turned me on to), announced that we was using it to fund his dream project, Ace Kilroy. Ace Kilroy is going to be a web comic created by RJK and Dan O'Connor.

It's 1937. Ace is a WWI veteran hired by FDR to fight the world's monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, etc), whom the Nazis are planning to recruit to fight as their allies.

Nuff said.

This will be a daily online comic, with Sundays in color. These things (serve space and electricity to begin with) take startup funding. You can pledge as little as $1. This looks very cool.

The strip has a blog. You can find out more and pledge if you like at Ace's Kickstarter page. Like any good fund-raiser, they're giving away all sorts of swag, from buttons to signed TPB collections (when they eventually come out), plus the coup de grace, a chance to be a character in the strip.

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