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“What would a monster want with copper wire?” asks Watson at one point in this film. What indeed? This take on Sherlock Holmes is just one question after another, none of which, when answered, make any sense. Syder and David-Lloyd look like British incarnations of Kevin Kline and Jack Black, with Holmes sporting neither a deerstalker nor a derby, just messy hair. I’ll give the producers credit: all the details seemed perfect. 1890s naval uniforms, streetwalkers . . . all the small stuff was fine. It was the big stuff (the story) that didn’t work.

SPOILERS: what it all adds up to is Holmes’ older brother (not Mycroft, but Thorpe. Who?), played by Dominic Keating, used to be a police constable. After being paralyzed in a friendly fire incident by (you’re way ahead of me, right?) Inspector LeStrade, he turned his genius to evil. His plan to burn London as revenge has all the unnecessary convolutions of a James Bond villain.

1) Build a giant mechanical octopus to steal the gold from a British treasure ship
2) Use that money to build a mechanical dragon to fly over London setting it aflame while his
3) Beautiful but cold, clockwork femme fatale containing a bomb blows up Parliament

But there are a few step 0s here. It must have cost a lot to build the octopus. Why didn’t he just use that money to build the dragon? Thorpe also built a velociraptor, (not a giant T Rex as you see on the video cover) to help steal parts for his dragon. If you can build a mechanical dinosaur, surely you can just build the part you need. If Wile E. Coyote has all that money to order ACME products, why doesn’t he just order in some Chinese food?

And then there's this very odd bit at the end. Thorpe keeps calling Holmes "Robert." At the end of the film, Watson asks Sherlock, and his friend replies that his given name is "Robert Sherlock Holmes. . . But who would ever remember a detective called 'Robert Holmes.'" I can only assume that this is an homage to Robert Holmes, the British TV writer who worked on Dr. Who, and had been, earlier in life, a police officer.


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Jul. 27th, 2010 05:20 pm (UTC)
You might be right on the part of the expensiveness of those "monsters", but we have to deal here with someone who is caught by rage and only see his wish of revenge. You can hear it among his very own words when he says: I'm lead by something more powerful. More powerful in fact than my love for you, Robert." It's clear here that there is nothing stronger than revenge, so what means money than??? What means material things against mental forces? Nothing anymore.
But it shows how strong he pretends his love for his brother to be! That's quite lovely. But even that love can't stop the revenge. Another prove that revenge is unbeatable...
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